Why Hire A LIcensed REal Estate Agent?

Selling or buying a home is the biggest decision (and the most expensive)  to make. Oftentimes, we are inundated with so many suggestions, recommendations, state statute information and selling requirements as we move forward. However, buying or selling a home at the right time in the market, is often than not, the most lucrative form of investment. When a home is sold at the right time in the market, we can be assured that the rate of return is more, if not thrice the amount of return that any form of investment one will ever have in a lifetime. I know a couple who sold their townhome in a seller’s market they bought a few years ago for about $250,000. At the time of sale the property increased in value and had multiple bids, closing the sale at $799,000 – A whopping $549,000 in equity! 
This is one of the reasons why hiring a qualified, licensed, and seasoned real estate agent is the most intelligent decision once would make. Selling a home entails not just putting a for sale sign outside the home, and sitting for hours with a smile. Firstly, putting a sign, providing excellent marketing materials, and doing open houses, and private showing, are but the tip of the iceberg. These actions are merely a third of what an experienced real estate agent would do to sell a home. The most important part is excellent marketing, administrative service, and negotiation. An agent’s duties is not only marketing the property but also making sure that all state, county and city selling requirements are met. Next, is ensuring that the seller gets a pre-screened and qualified buyer(s). Next, is getting the best and highest offer and strategizing the best way to acquire such a result. Lastly, an agent will also guide you through the intricacies of disclosure laws, and regulations, and closing the transaction escrow smoothly and stress free.
How can a qualified real estate agent assist buyers?
On the other side of the coin, buying a home has its own complexities and confusing process. Buying a home is not merely walking into an open house, and expressing a desire to purchase a home. It is not as if you’re entering a car dealership and merely pointing at a nice car, and sitting with a financial officer or sales man. There are far more complicated steps involved. However, with the assistance of a qualified and experienced real estate agent, a potential buyer/client, can be assured that their contract is “clean’ and strong. All the dots are noted, and all the T’s are crossed. The agent can hep strategize a winning offer – making recommendations or suggestions in the presentation of the offer. In addition, there may be terms and conditions in the purchase agreement that an ordinary layman may not be aware of. But with the guidance of a qualified real estate agent, there is the assurance that the buyer is protected, or at least made aware of. The qualified real estate agent will also guide the buyer/client through the steps of the buying process. Recommend and/or order the proper reports, and documents. Assist in the disclosures and inspection process. Guide the buyers through the terms of the contract, and if necessary, assist in the negotiations on behalf of the clients. And lastly, ensure a smooth and stress free close of escrow. 

One valuable piece of advise. Life itself is complicated. There are many things to consider that add nothing but stress and anxieties in one’s life. We have a myriad of priorities – at home, work, family, and even with relationships. Buying or selling a home shouldn’t be one of them, (notwithstanding, the process of moving to another location).

When selling or buying a home, a qualified and experienced real estate agent is the wisest decision one can ever make. The complex process of selling or buying a home can appear easy and stress-free if you acquire the assistance of a qualified agent who’s familiar with the local selling or buying requirements. Someone who has years of experience in contract administrations, and perhaps, at times negotiations. Your home is the most expensive investment (and lucrative) you’ll ever make. It is both a shelter, and an investment. Allow yourself to be guided by an experienced, and highly skillful real estate professional. An uninformed client often makes haphazard and regretful decisions. When is comes to real estate matters, hiring a qualified and experienced real estate agent is the best decision one will ever make.

Henry Kett (an author) once said, I hesitate not to pronounce, that every man who is his own lawyer, has a fool for a client.”