Furniture Layouts That Work Best For Your Lifestyle

There’s nothing quite like sinking into a comfy seat with a mug of your favorite drink and making small talk with a good friend. If you’re looking to create a relaxing, cozy conversation area, consider these four ways you can transform your living room. Whether you have a studio apartment or a sprawling estate, these design options can accommodate any home.

U-shape | In a traditional U-shaped conversation area, the three sides of the U are formed by sofas, love seats, settees, or armchairs. The open end of the U is reserved for the focal point, such as a stunning fireplace, television, or a large window. Try placing a large square ottoman in the middle of the U at equal distance between the furniture pieces. You’ll want to leave enough space to pass between each sofa, love seat, or chair—about 22 inches. End tables placed between two armchairs or other seating are a great option to hold table lamps, pots of greenery, or beverage containers.

Square Configuration | For the square-shaped design, furniture seating takes up all four sides of the conversation area. For smaller homes, place two love seats opposite each other and two armchairs facing one another to create the square. Situate a large round coffee table in the middle of the conversation area to hold your reading materials, a vase of flowers, or electronic devices. Make sure the coffee table is at least 18 inches from each of the seats. Last, try adding two end tables diagonally across from each other between the love seats and armchairs to hold table lamps.

Parallel Sofas | This arrangement is created by positioning two identical sofas across from each other; it’s an especially useful design if you want an open walkway at each end of the sofas. Situate an oval or rectangular coffee table between the two pieces of furniture, not extending more than two-thirds the length of the sofas. Avoid placing a centerpiece in the middle of the coffee table, which will block the view between the sofas. Substitute smaller love seats or settees to accommodate an area with limited floor space.

L-shape | An L-shaped conversation area leaves a larger accessible area than the other furniture groupings, working well to make a room seem open and spacious. A sectional sofa is ideal for creating the L configuration, but you can also place a sofa and love seat next to each other to create the L-shape. The interior corner of the sectional sofa is a natural place for an oversized round ottoman. Situate a tray atop the ottoman as a convenient spot to place drinks or snacks. If you are floating the sectional in the middle of a room, leave a three-foot clearance for major walkways in your home.

Consider these four furniture layouts to create a comfortable, fun conversation area in your home. Choose the grouping that best suits your personal preference and physical space to enjoy time with friends and family to the fullest.